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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Adult Doll: Materials, Features, and More

Apr 22,2024 | SDS

We would like to congratulate you if you have recently purchased an Adult Doll. You might have enjoyable sex, companionship, and perhaps a bit more spice in your relationship with an adult doll. You may have even taken out a loan to buy your adult doll. We aim to make sure you get the highest return on your investment.  We will go over all you need to know about our adult dolls at Sex Dolls Station so you can enjoy having sex with them to the fullest.

adult dolls

Sex Dolls Station was opened in 2012 and has been supplying adult dolls to distributors of various e-commerce platforms ever since. Numerous clients are pleased with our caliber. We started sending adult dolls of different types like Mini Sex Doll, Life Size Sex dolls, male sex dolls, etc. abroad in 2017. Clients may get sex dolls at competitive costs and with excellent quality from anywhere in the world. We not only create our line of premium dolls, but we also curate some superior factory goods that we sell. Additionally, maintain a fair pricing range.


Silicone: It is odorless, simpler to repair and clean, more durable, less prone to damage, and provides for the maximum level of realism. It also has a higher resilience to heat, water, and stains. Compared to TPE, it is less elastic, tougher, and more costly.

TPE: Better in transferring heat than silicone, elastic, flexible, soft, and gentle; it also has a high material memory, which allows the doll to be positioned more optimally. It is less stain-and temperature-resistant, stickier (solved with powder), and has a faint scent that dissipates fast.

It is impossible to categorically state that one substance is superior to another. They differ in some ways, and it all depends on why you are purchasing the adult doll in the first place. Drawing from our extensive and hands-on knowledge, we heartily endorse TPE as well as silicone dolls.

Integrated vagina

It is extremely lifelike and flawlessly mimics the feminine figure. It is securely embedded in the body of the doll and cannot be taken out. Not only is the insert unbreakable but it also cannot be changed. You have to clean the entire doll by hand.

Detachable vagina

This is an implant that fits into the vaginal cavity and resembles a vagina. The insert may be taken out and changed. It is not essential to move the doll into the shower on its whole, so cleaning is as easy as just removing the insert.

Vaginal electric sucking

The doll will start sucking your thing down there as soon as you plug her into an electrical socket or charge the external drive's batteries. We are offering this kind of vagina.

enhanced skeletons

We've worked hard to make our adult dolls better every time. We have now developed a new skeleton that greatly expands the range of motion and positions available to dolls. It features enhanced joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, and waist. With this enhanced version of the classic Skeleton, adult dolls can move far more realistically and naturally.

We think we can be your go-to source for real, high-end sex dolls. To ensure authentic silicone and TPE materials and to provide an even better experience than the actual one, we meticulously create all of the adult dolls ourselves.

We handle all facets of safe payment processing and anonymous logistics, providing our clients with peace of mind as they wait for their orders to be delivered to the specified address. Contact us at any time if you have any inquiries regarding our brands or merchandise. We are excited to have you visit us!