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Caring for Your Sex Doll to Ensure Longevity

May 10,2024 | SDS

Before purchasing a sex doll, whether skinny, BBW, or sporty body type and other kinds of sex dolls, you need to maintain it properly so that it stays for long in good condition. These realistic companions are not just purchases but investments toward personal satisfaction as well as friendships. This guide will give you some important tips on how to take care of your sex doll so it stays around for many years to come. 

Understanding Your Sex Doll’s Material

Most top-quality sex dolls are built from either TPE or silicone. While both materials are highly lifelike such that they seem to have real skin, these materials also require specific maintenance practices that would help them remain good-looking for a very long time.

  • Silicone Dolls: Silicone is non-porous hence it is more comfortable to clean and less prone to staining. It does not stain easily. It does not cause allergies hence it can be used by anybody. However, silicon is less elastic meaning that cleaning or storing it must be done with care.
  • TPE Dolls: TPE material has more air space than silicone thus making them feel softer and bendier which makes them more realistic according to many people who buy them. However, this material requires being cleaned more thoroughly to avoid the buildup of bacteria while at the same time can stain easily with dark clothes or jewelry on it.

Regular Cleaning is Crucial

To maintain the best possible condition of your sex doll, cleaning it regularly is advised. Below are some of the tips to go about this:

  • Surface Cleaning: After using the sex doll, it is important to wash it with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water. One should avoid strong chemicals or abrasive tools as they might do more harm than good to your toy. 
  • Deep Cleaning: For a deeper clean; more should be done mainly depending on the level of usage the doll goes through; however, at least monthly, one should clean it to remove the oils and other residual stuff that gets left on it after use.
  • Drying: After washing, they should be gently pressed with a non-abrasive towel until dry. After which it should be stored, one should ensure that the doll is dry before storing to ensure that no mold or mildew starts growing on it.


Proper Storage is Key

Storage of sex dolls also plays a significant role in their durability. Below are general guidelines on how you can perfectly store your doll: 

  • Temperature-Controlled Environment:  keep your doll inside a room at comfortable temperatures; avoid storing it in a location exposed to direct sunlight, since skin may become damaged over time by UV rays.
  • Avoid Compression: Avoid compression: maintain your doll in a position that puts no pressure on any parts. Hanging storage is preferable and laying it on a flat surface to avoid creases or stretches in the material
  • Protect from Dust: Cover your doll with a light piece of cloth to keep dust off it to help avoid damage to the appearance by repeated washings.

Handling and Usage

Carefully handle the doll to avoid damaging it by:

  • Gentle Handling: Your doll should always be handled smoothly. To prevent tearing or damage, you should not drop or drag your doll.
  • Appropriate Clothing:  Select the clothes that match your doll correctly. The skin of these dolls may get stained by dark or highly pigmented garments, especially if they are made from TPE so while getting ready clothes it’s better to wash them before using as this will help reduce chances of staining.

Regular Maintenance Checks

When inspecting, you come across some wear and tear signs such as cracking or stickiness; these are issues that require urgent addressing. Renewing powder specifically made for sex dolls can be used to reduce their skin while maintaining their less sticky nature.

Enhancing Your Doll’s Lifespan

In addition to regular maintenance, below are some tips that can enhance your doll’s lifespan:

  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Keep sharp objects away from the doll to avoid accidental piercing or cuts.
  • Use Recommended Products: If it is a silicone or TPE made doll then ensure you only use lubes and other products that are safe for such materials.
  • Mindful Movement: Be aware of the joints and extremities of the dolls when changing their poses/ positions so as not to strain them unnecessarily.


In conclusion, with these maintenance guidelines, you can get to use your BBW, slim, or athletic body sex doll for several years. Periodic maintenance helps maintain the look and performance of a doll but also ensures safety while using it. One of the finest places to view a wide selection of high-quality sex dolls is the SexDolls Station. Our wide variety includes a wide range of tastes, making it simple for you to find a companion that meets your needs. Take a look at our collection and experience the eternal advantages of maintaining your sex doll.