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Common Mistakes People Make with Their Sex Dolls

Jun 07,2024 | SDS

If you decide to buy a sex doll from Sex Dolls Station, rest assured that you are getting the best in the industry. Our dolls are durable, realistic, life-sized, and handcrafted by skilled artists. However, they need a certain level of maintenance and care to keep them looking their best over time. Remember, these dolls have been designed to please you for many years and should therefore be handled gently and with respect.

Unfortunately, misuse and not taking proper care of a sex doll have led to many dolls being damaged. To avoid this we have come up with a list of the most common mistakes people make with their sex dolls.

Not Cleaning Your Doll Correctly

The most important thing to do to take care of your doll is to keep it clean. This is because if it is not cleaned regularly, especially after every use, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms which might end up causing some health problems in case someone comes into contact with them.

Cleaning your sex doll might seem like a hard task but it is not. Use mild antibacterial soap together with warm watering while cleaning your doll. Ensure you clean every part well including any holes that may be present. Additionally, dry your doll completely after washing to avoid trapping moisture within it since this will also encourage the growth of molds as well as bacteria.

Moreover, you should think about using a particular cleaning kit designed for sex dolls. These kits usually include antibacterial sprays and soft brushes that would help you maintain your doll’s cleanliness.

Keeping Your Doll in Extreme Conditions

It is critical to keep your doll in the right place. Many people choose to hide their dolls in places like attics, basements, or garages since they want to keep them from being seen by others. However, these areas often have significant changes in temperature and humidity which can damage your doll.

High temperatures can cause stickiness or degradation of silicone or TPE materials whereas cold ones make them breakable. Humidity can result in mold growth and other moisture problems. 

Keep it in cool dry places so as for your sex doll to remain in good condition. In case you have to store the doll under unfavorable conditions one may think of portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or space heaters that will keep up with favorable climate conditions. Always take precautions when running any electrical appliances near your doll.

Thinking Sex Dolls Are Just for Solo Play

Sex dolls are not just limited to use during masturbation sessions alone. Doing it with your partner also helps foster a closer intimacy between the two of you and introduces an element of adventure into the sexual life. Sharing this experience with your partner could be a great way to explore fantasies and kinks as it brings a deeper connection between couples

Many couples find that their sexual experiences with each other become better when they bring a sex doll into it so that they can discuss their boundaries and sexual desires they like to be done to them. It is also an exciting process that connects them.

Using Oil-Based Lubricants or Lotions

It is important for anyone who wants to bring these sex dolls into their bedroom to know the right type of lotions and lubricants that are suitable for them since using oil-based products can negatively affect both silicone and TPE materials used in making such dolls which may result into skin staining production of bad smell and discoloration

Most importantly stick to water-based lubricants only while engaging in any sexual activity with your doll. Moreover, ensure that all cosmetics applied onto it lack oils; or else do simple tests like applying on a small area e.g., wrist before spreading out widely if ever in doubt about what should be used where!

Joint Abuse

Sex dolls are designed to mimic the movements and feel of a real human body. However, excessive force can cause damage to the joints and internal structure. Some users get carried away and apply too much pressure when moving or positioning their dolls, which can lead to fractures or dislocations.

To avoid damaging your doll, handle it with care. Move the limbs, torso, and head gently, avoiding any excessive twisting or bending. Also, be mindful of placing too much weight on any part of the doll or striking it with force.

If you need to pose your doll in a particular position, do so slowly and carefully. This will help ensure that the internal skeleton remains intact and functional.

Taking proper care of your sex doll will ensure that it remains in excellent condition and provides you with many years of enjoyment. By avoiding these common mistakes and following our maintenance tips, you can preserve the quality and longevity of your doll. If you ever need further advice or quality products, visit us at Sex Dolls Station. We're here to ensure you get the most out of your premium doll experience.