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Some things you can do with your sex doll

Jun 16,2021 | SexdollsStation

Sex dolls are here and here to stay so we thought we’d give you five things you can try doing with your sex doll.


The first and most important thing is, of course, to solve your sexual needs. People indoors become more licentious and lively than ever before. Couples in quarantine are trying more adventurous things, while singles kick dating apps out of the window and indulge in safer single-player games.
With sex dolls, you can break through various restrictions
. Always try what you have always wanted to do in the bedroom. Whether it's one person, two people, three people or more, you can find unique fun between the sheets.

2. Outdoor activities
No matter where you are in the world, this may be different due to the first-level precautionary confinement regulations, but if you can choose to go out now, why not take your sex doll to a quiet place by the creek Or in a field of blooming flowers, enjoy this moment.
Don't think you have to keep a secret for her, if you have one, let her show off in the sun. With such a beautiful woman by your side, you will only have jealous bystanders.

3. Photo/Home Video

Ever wondered what the whole voyeurism is about? Want to protect yourself, but no one has ever done this with you? Try to photograph yourself and your doll before playing. Use something more tangible than the mind to preserve memory.

Home movies not your kind of thing? Don't worry, you can always choose to take out the camera and take a few pictures. Choose whether you want to put them together, or whether you just want to appreciate the beauty of your doll alone.

4. Play dress up
Whether you are a new sex doll club or an experienced member, it can be fun to explore some new looks with your doll.
Why not try different wigs, for example, give yourself a role-playing fantasy that you never have. Sexy cowgirl? Mysterious avatar? Innocent angel? No matter what you like, use your creativity and start dressing up for her. If you like, you can even join in the fun by yourself and buy your own clothes.
You now have all the time, so make the most of it and discover game worlds that you never knew existed.

5. Romantic dinner
Just because you are in there a lot, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a romantic dinner with someone special. In fact, cooking for your special woman can be the perfect setting for an evening of passion and joy.
Put your doll away while you prepare the table and invite her to a delicious dinner. Surprise her with candles and music and see where the night will take you.