170cm / 5ft 6

170cm Sex Dolls

What is the height of the girl in your dreams? When you take her away, it should definitely be perfect for you-whether it's a beautiful lover who is addicted to petite and supple or enjoying a strong and powerful vixen, they all have a place to attract you. Finding the best realistic sex doll is very important, knowing that your new sexy partner will be made exactly in your image-height is no exception. This ultra-personalized sex doll shopping experience allows you to find a life-size sex doll that suits your needs without showing the same universal model for everyone to watch. Add this customization to our other personalized touches: custom nail polish foot shape, nipple size, etc.-you will have a unique bedroom companion to your satisfaction.

Ask for the best experience in real life, such as a sex doll experience: shop by size, find your favorite erotic woman, and wait for you to pick her up.

These 170 cm / 5 ft 5 real-feeling sex dolls may be your dream girl. Their size not only allows you to enter their bodies naturally, whether it is the mouth, pubic area or the depths of the buttocks, but they can also lie in your bed seductively before the sleepless night. They will even lie down behind a sofa or table to get an experience they will never forget in their lives.

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