A Beginner’s Guide: How to Use a Sex Doll

This guide provides you with a comprehensive introduction to using sex dolls for the first time. Having sex with sex dolls will bring you a special, realistic and intense sexual experience, which will definitely make you feel wonderful.

When you buy a 1:1 sex doll for the first time, you may be confused about how to use it correctly without damaging your sex doll, and it will allow you to use it for a longer period of time.

As a sex doll manufacturer for many years, we have rich experience in the production, design, use, cleaning and storage of sex dolls. If you don't have one, you can consider buying a sex doll.



How to Unpack & Assemble the real-life sex doll

When your package appears in front of the door, you will be excited about it. But please wait a moment, don't get too excited, because the wrong unpacking steps may cause damage. Please follow the steps below to unpack and assemble:

Step 1: Please leave enough space to open and lie down your sex doll

Move the packaging to a place where there is enough space to open and lie down the sex doll. Make sure to clean the place where the doll is placed, or place a clean cloth on the floor to avoid leaving stains or scratches on the skin of the doll.

The weight of our realistic sex dolls ranges from 8 kg to 40 kg. The bigger the doll you order, the heavier the packaging. Therefore, you'd better prepare how to remove it from the porch, such as asking a friend for help or tipping a deliveryman. Mini sex dolls or lighter sex dolls will not cause trouble.

Step 2: Use a knife to gently open the package along the seams of the box

Your favorite sex doll has a sturdy packaging that can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, but please don't cut too deep with a cutting tool, because you will never want to see your doll that fell in love at first sight being hurt by you. Put the box under the bed, you may also need to prepare a "bed" for her.


Now you want to touch your sex doll, so make sure your hands are clean. Usually, the body, head and some other accessories are placed in the box. After opening the box, you will see the doll's body is wrapped in a plastic bag. You will find that the head is placed between the upper thighs and is packaged separately. After this, you only need to open the package, and then gently place the body, head and other accessories on the floor.

Step 4: Fix the head to the new sex doll and put on a wig

The sex doll you buy will come with a random underwear, you can also buy some clothes to make your doll beautiful. For mini sex dolls, teenage clothing is a good choice, they are stylish and compact.


During use the sexy doll

The sex doll is ready to make you happy. Now, the sex doll is completely at your disposal. In this part, we guide how to have better sex with your sex doll.

1. 1. How to have sex with a realistic sex doll?

awesome! The function of sex dolls is designed to bring joy and companionship to people. Pose your doll in a position that arouses you the best, doggy style, missionary, girls on top, against the wall, then piercing her, and using your power to treat yours tenderly girl.

Here are two ways helping to enjoy sex love to the fullest: 

  • Using a condom is easier to clean up and hygienic

It can protect the tender skin of your penis and sex doll. Otherwise, it is very important to perform the entire cleaning with antibacterial soap.

  • The other way you might like is using lubricant

TPE and silicone materials make sex dolls super realistic, but we recommend that you use water-soluble lubricants to protect your skin and protect sex dolls from accidental injuries.

In summary, it is necessary to prepare antibacterial soap. You may also need other cleaning accessories, such as vaginal douche and refreshing powder.

However, whether you use a condom or not, it is best to clean the entire vagina every time you have sex with her. It is your duty to keep her clean, and it is also good for you.

2. How to have oral sex with a realistic sex doll?

 Yes, you can see her lips look beautiful, but not only that, you can also use kissing or oral sex. Constant oral sex is always a man’s dream. A sex doll can provide you with continuous oral sex, which a real woman has never had.

Her throat is deep, but you never have to worry about going too deep to make her reflexes or uncomfortable.

Put some water-soluble lubricant on the penis, we guarantee you will feel good and happy.

3. How to have anal sex with a life-size sex doll?

Some of us are always curious about anal sex, if we have the opportunity, we would like to try it. The difficulty is that it is difficult for us to find a girl who is willing to have anal sex with a man. Now this is the opportunity! ! Our female dolls and male dolls are designed with anal function. Put it where you like, your doll would like to share a good time with you. Remember to also use some water-soluble lubricants.

Well, here are the 3 main ways of using sex dolls. You can explore some more interesting activities with dolls. Not only can they be kissed, hugged, and fucked, but they can also be accompanied, role-played, and role-played. Never stop any possibility, just remember not to be too rough and violent

After using a sex doll

  1. If you want your doll to be with you for a long time, cleaning and maintenance are very important to her. It is important to clean your sex doll every time you use her.

Must use antibacterial soap to clean and use vaginal douche. Pour soapy water into the irrigator (we give away), and then insert the irrigator into the place you just drilled. Squeeze the flusher and flush out impurities. It only takes a few minutes to clean her up, so be patient and don't be lazy.

  1. After cleaning, it needs to be stored in a proper place. Before storing, please rest assured that she is dry. There is no best storage method, only this is convenient for you. Usually, lying and hanging are what we usually use.

Kind tip:Don't put her directly on the hard floor. First put a cushion or any soft thing on the floor, and then put her on it. Of course, if you have her box or bed, it will be perfect. Make sure that her back does not become flat or deformed, otherwise it will not be able to rebound.

Tips for hanging: If your closet has enough space to hang her. Oh yes! ! Hook her body around her neck with a hook. And need a holder for her head. We sell hooks and head frames here to help better store dolls.

You can do more thing with your sex doll

  1. She is a good listener, telling her all the pressures and worries in work and life, as well as secrets that she can't tell others. She may not be able to comfort you with good words, but she is always by your side. She can give you a warm hug and kiss to make you feel comfortable.
  2. She is not only a sex doll, but also your "girlfriend", you can have a romantic candlelight dinner with her, a glass of wine and a good meal will release your body pressure.
  3. She can be your "art", dressing her up and making yourself beautiful can give some fashion designers more inspiration.

Having a real life sex doll is great. She will never refuse any requirements you ask for. The cleaning, care, and maintenance of the sex doll may cost time, but she worth it.