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Best Way To Keep Your Premium Sex Dolls Clean And Useful For A Long Life


Enjoying a pleasurable session with your sex doll is the best option but on the other hand, you should keep your doll maintained for a long lifetime, you need to care for her. With our tips, you will be able to practice proper hygiene as well as able to enjoy each and every time with your premium sex dolls safely and effectively.

What things do I want to fresh my sex doll?

When you use your sex doll effectively it is essential to clean the dolls that will offer you long-time service without any hassle. For the cleaning process, you will need a mild liquid shop, some water, and a soft, clean, cloth. For aftercare, you need water-based lubricant or baby oil and some talcum powder that will offer you clean and hygiene sex dolls.

Never use alcohol-based products for cleaning your dolls that will damage their skin. Real looking sex dolls skins are made of soft and quality materials that may damage or get affected while using alcohol-based products.

How to clean your premium sex dolls?

When it comes to cleaning your sex dolls make sure that you clean her thoroughly so that it will prevent your dolls from bacteria build-up and ensure she lives a long life.

Start off by removing any lubricants or fluids from your sex doll’s body with a clean and soft towel. After that, remove that fluid from the main body parts including the vagina, a wig, her feet, and more. Clean these parts separately away from the body with warm soapy water that will remove bacteria easily. Before using again dry all parts then use them for the next session.

Remember that only use warm water and mild shop for the cleaning process otherwise it will reduce the life of your premium sex dolls. If you are looking for a more adventurous way to clean your sex doll, you can hop in the shower with her but make sure not to get her skull too wet as this will collapse the mechanicalreliability of your doll.

After you have washed her, lightly dust her with a high-quality baby powder that will maintain the smooth skin of sex dolls. Oil your toy 3-4 times a year with a water-based lube of baby oil as petroleum-based oils can damage your doll. Not only should you fresh her according to the directions above but also avoid involving her with anyone else to avoid the extent of contagion.

Take care of your real looking sex dolls and she will take care of you.